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Copyright & Licensing

Auteursrecht en Licenties, niet zo'n gezellig onderwerp en wellicht staat u er niet bij stil. 

Maar wel van belang om moeilijkheden in de toekomst te voorkomen, zowel voor de opdrachtgever zelf, als voor mij als tekenaar/illustrator, van uw prachtige opdrachten!

Hieronder leest u er meer over.

Mochten er na het lezen van deze informatie alsnog vragen zijn.

Dan kunt u mij daar altijd over mailen of bellen.

Hartelijke groeten, Sarah Linde



As a visual artist / illustrator all my drawings, photographs and prints are copyrighted. In that case, the general rule is, that no one without my permission, can reproduce my work and /or make public.

As an illustrator, I copyright my drawings. This concerns (with a few exceptions) also the illustrations I have drawn in commission for another or where I have been paid for. The copyright can be licensed or transferred to the client, optionally under (financial) conditions.


‘Licensing' is another word for 'right to use'. With a license you (the client) gets permission from me, Sarah Linde (the artist/illustrator) to use a drawing/illustration/design. For example: Sarah Linde as an illustrator/artist, gives a basic license to you (the client). The illustration/drawing can be used for a single utterance, such as a poster, a book, a bag or a set of cards.

The copyright remains with Sarah Linde (the artist / illustrator). It means that you (the client), even after payment of the invoice, the illustration /drawing, cannot just use for any other purpose.

In this license it is established,  where (medium), how long or how often (period of time) and the (nature) how the illustration may be used.
These three values and exclusivity ultimately determine the license price.


So it may be possible that an illustration for a book cover has a higher license fee, than making an illustration for an educational textbook, as in the first illustration is used much more prominent.


There are two types of licenses:

Exclusive and non-exclusive licenses.
With exclusive licenses it is determined that, the artist/illustrator, in an agreed timeframe cannot use the illustration/drawing for other purposes.

For non-exclusive licenses, Sarah Linde, the artist/illustrator, is free to use the illustration/drawing for any other purpose, provided they do not conflict with the purpose for which the illustrations/drawings are initially created.

Additional licenses:

Supposed you ordered illustrations/drawings for a poster, but later you decided you would like to use the illustrations/drawings for your website too. Then you are faced with an additional license. That means Sarah Linde, the artist/ illustrator, dispensing a new license to you, the client, to use the illustrations/drawings on the website.

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