Sarah Linde

Thanks to the environment and childhood I grew up, I was inspired, intrigued and interested in the connections between humans and animals and the human characteristics that separates us from animals; how we feel and think about everything we experience in our life.

Many discoveries, sensations, thoughts and feelings about the relationship between humans and animals, the relationship of mankind himself and between themselves are the underlying theme in my drawings.

In my drawings I use pastel, charcoal, pencil and pen to express the underlying theme. 

I also use the graphic techniques like etching, lithography, screen printing and photography sporadically.

My drawings are exhibited, sold and leased.
This is done by galleries, museums, other exhibition initiatives and through this website.

  • In the menu bar under  Drawings & Graphic Art are various images of work that is for sale.

  • In the menu bar under Illustrations there are several examples that I made for various clients,

  • I also offer a small drawing service for in the old-fashioned mailbox, named Drawing Post.

  • Last of all I offer the Leporello & Beasty Bags , a small cartoon and cotton bags with animal designs.