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How does it work?

It begins with the following request:

  1. You want to give someone something special for a special occasion, For example; you could use 'Drawing Post' to support somebody with a loss of a loved one, or wish someone a very happy birthday, or wish someone good luck in his new home, or wish someone, who is in a difficult period in his life, strength and love.

  2. You fill in the application form , choose the subject 'Drawing Post' and leave a message


       You send me an old-fashioned letter to: Drawing Post, attn.. Sarah Linde, Liebregtsplein 13, 5476 KM Vorstenbosch, The Netherlands


In the message or letter you state:

  1. Your own name + e-mailadress

  2. Choose for the exclusive or a the non exclusive Drawing Post.

  3. The address of the person receiving the "Drawing Post" to where it should be sent.

  4. The date on which it should reach the appropriate person. (Please mind at least three days of processing time and the payment date).

  5. A short description of what you would like to give the person or yourself using 'Drawing Post'.

       That could be a description of the occasion, or maybe a short story about the (current) situation of the person.

       This, because there must be a small entrance for me to feel, what kind of drawing can be made.

What are the costs:

  • After I have received your application, you will receive an invoice of € 12,50 (Non exclusive Drawing Post) or €35,00 (Exclusive Drawing Post).

  • This amount includes VAT,  envelope, postage to the person and a (digital) copy send to you.

  • For 'Drawing Post' to countries outside the Netherlands, an additional 2 euros in extra costs will be added.

  • I only start to draw for your 'Drawing Post' until I have received the payment of the sent invoice.

​Important for you and to make 'Drawing post' accessible and affordable :

  • The 'Drawing Post' always has the size of 10.5 x 14.8 cm, which is the regular size of a postcard.

  • The information you send me will be kept confidential and destroyed after sending the 'Drawing Post'.

  • It is not possible to correspond about any changes in the drawing after receiving a copy, The copy will be sent at the same time with the original 'Drawing Post'

  • It is possible to give me feedback afterwards about your experience with 'Drawing Post' by using the contact form or through the postcard :-

If you choose the Exclusive 'Drawing Post' :

  • An Exclusive 'Drawing Post' is a unique drawing, exlusively made for the 'Drawing Post' receiver. 

  • Sarah Linde will never sell the drawing to someone else.

  • Sarah Linde will keep the copyright on the drawings made for the Exlusive "Drawing Post'.

  • Sarah Linde can only place a digital copy of the original drawing as an example for her visual arts practice 'Drawings,  Sarah Linde'.

  • The receiver of the exclusive 'Drawing Post' can share and show the exclusive drawing, however Sarah Linde's name must be listed there all times.


If you choose Non exclusive 'Drawing Post':

  • A Non exclusive 'Drawing Post' can be used by Sarah Linde at all times,  for everything that has to do with here visual arts practice 'Drawings,  Sarah Linde',

  • It also means, she can make or print the drawing again and sell it to someone else.

  • The Copyright for the Non exclusive "Drawing Post", also stays with Sarah Linde.

  • The receiver of the Non exclusive 'Drawing Post' can share and show the exclusive drawing, however Sarah Linde's name must be listed there all times.

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