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Privacy Statement

Privacy statement about a question, a quotation, an assignment, a purchase order or use of the drawing service  'Drawing Post'


You are free to contact Sarah Linde by e-mail or telephone for more information, a quote, an order, a purchase order, or use of the drawing service 'Drawing Post' . You automatically agree with the storage of the data, described below this line, in the customer base of Sarah Linde.


The following data is stored:

  • first name + last name

  • address + country

  • e-mail address

  • telephone number

  • question or message


Your data remains in the customer base during the period necessary to fulfill your request or completion of the assignment, the purchase or the order you agreed with Sarah Linde.


Sarah Linde uses this information only to treat the supply and/or the assignment carefully.


If Sarah Linde wants to mention your name in publishing, exhibiting, displaying a drawing or illustration that was commissioned from you, she will always ask prior written consent.


To make use of the drawing service 'Drawing Post', there is the possibility to share a drawing sent by Sarah Linde immediately to a beloved neighbour, friend, colleague, classmate, fellow student, family, good knowledge etc.

Therefore, you need the name and address of relevant person with Sarah Linde . This personal data is only stored temporarily to send the drawing to that person and after shipment it will be immediately removed.

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